This 3-season room saves the house in Central CT

This 3-season room saves the house in Central CT

Spring and summer weather can be unpredictable in any area of the country you live in. The combination of cool and warm air meet to create a mix of unstable weather conditions that can lead to heavy rain, hail, high winds and tornadoes. When these types of unsavory conditions arise homeowner’s worry about their homes being hardest hit. This is especially a concern of homeowners in lieu of the recent devastation in Oklahoma which was caused by a tornado. It is important to know your home and outdoor structures are as fortified structurally as is possible to ensure storm damage doesn’t consume your home, or your complimentary outdoor spaces. Archadeck of Central Connecticut tells the story of two very different outdoor structures we built in the region, which are similar in the manner they were able to weather the storm.

Minimal damage to Farmington CT 3-season porch

As is evident in this photo, there was no structural damage to the 3-season porch.

A three-season room that saves a family

Abundant rainfall is a leading cause of storm damage from uprooted trees. Consistent heavy rains can weaken the roots of even mature trees and cause them to become vulnerable to uprooting and falling when wind is present. Archadeck of Central CT has firsthand experience with the type of damage that can be sustained to a structure from the force of a falling tree. One of our customers woke to the sound of a tree falling onto their three season room which was built by Archadeck of Central CT. The brunt force of the tree was taken by the three season room, which suffered no structural damage from this unfortunate event. The roof of the 3-season room lies just under the corner of the master bedroom window. The homeowners were asleep in their beds at 1:30 in the morning when the tree came down. Had it not been for the fortitude of the 3-season room, the tree could have easily sliced into their bedroom and severely injured the homeowners. Not only did the structural quality of the porch sustain the blow of the tree and keep it from destroying the home, it quite possibly could have saved their lives as well.  The only damage to the porch, other than some slight damage to the rake edge of the roof, was a large branch that punctured the upper half on one of the Artistic Enclosures window panels. This potential tragedy is proof of how crucial it can be to choose a qualified, reputable custom builder to engineer and build your outdoor structure.

Farmington CT 3 season porch saves home

The three season porch sustained only cosmetic damage and diverted possible disaster to this home in Farmington, CT.

A backyard pavilion that will not end up gone with the wind

Tolland CT backyard pavilion interior

The completed pavilion features stunning interior details.

Another one of our outdoor living space projects touches on the aspect of high winds that are common in some areas of Central CT. We were contracted to build a shade structure so these Tolland homeowners could use their backyard in inclimate conditions. Archadeck of Central CT built a backyard pavilion that can sustain winds up to 150 mph.In this particular project the elevation of the homeowner’s lot contributed in making a windy location even windier. Their existing outdoor space was constantly under fire from the wind, and they had to frequently use bricks to hold down their outdoor furniture to prevent the wind from blowing it around the yard. To ensure no movement or damage would be incurred by those winds, we specially designed their pavilion with this in mind.  We built the pavilion with special footings which involve the use of special column brackets that are set into concrete footings. In order to install post hangers within concrete footings we had to carefully remove portions of the patio during the installation. Once this was completed, we then carefully replaced the pavers and restored the patio to its former glory. The pavilion is built from wood which  are connected mechanically with metal fasteners and strapping to create a structure that can prevent uplift and remain intact in high wind .We then covered  the entire structure with PVC post wraps and AZEK trim boards. The use of the PVC in conjunction with the AZEK means the end result is a completely low-maintenance structure that will need little or no maintenance in the years to come. The pavilion was also finished out with a plethora of design details that make it the focal point of this Tolland, CT backyard. The pictures you see here were taken one week after this area of Tolland had experienced a recent hurricane. The pavilion sustained high winds, hail and inclement weather and came out smelling like a rose!

Tolland CT backyard pavilion

This charming pavilion has become the focus of the backyard.


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