Madison, CT deck

This Madison, CT deck is alive with beauty, function and enjoyment.

A deck is a deck, is a deck, right?  Wrong. A deck is a fundamental element to the flow and harmony of most outdoor living designs. It is the base which is used to build and expand upon additional outdoor structures such as pergolas, covered porches and even patios that enable a deck to flow effortlessly from one outdoor space into another. The deck is the most well-known and widely built outdoor space in all of America, and remains the team favorite. Archadeck began the business of being the nation’s premier builder of outdoor structures starting with decks. Now over 30 years later,  we are the nation’s largest builder networks specializing in custom-designed and custom-built decks, screened porches, sunrooms , gazebos and related outdoor living structures. A well-designed and well-built deck changes your outdoor livin experience.. One such  deck is a project we completed in Madison, CT which proves the right deck design can change everything for the better.

Madison CT deck before rails obstructed the view from the home's large arched windows

Picture of the existing deck before we began the project.

This deck makeover project in Madison, CT is a good example of how the right outdoor living space design can change the whole look and feel of your home, from the interior space within your home out into the landscape.

When Archadeck of Central CT met with the homeowners during the initial consultation the first thing we noticed were the unsafe footings the deck was resting on. The existing deck was a classic example of a rectangular, builder grade deck that comes “stock” with many homes in the area. Though it appeared that at some point the deck footing had been amended in an attempt to rectify the problem, it was still not up to the structural standards of our franchise. The second concern for the homeowners was the fact that the existing rail on the deck impeded the view of the backyard from both the deck, and from the interior of the home. One of the most alluring features of the back of the home is the large arched windows which were meant to provide the homeowners with a scenic view of their lush backyard. Instead, all the homeowners could see when they peered through their windows was the deck’s existing rail.

We quickly sketched out a design that would give the homeowner’s a deck that exhibited all the qualities they were looking for. After discussing the new vision for the deck, Archadeck of Central CT developed a rendering for the anticipated design. Soon after the homeowner’s viewed the complete design we began construction on the project. We started by demolishing the existing deck and breaking ground for the new design from a clean slate.

Madison, CT TimberTech decks

This new deck design has given these Madison, CT a ticket to backyard bliss.

New footings and a structurally sound deck were the first plan of action in building the new deck. The new deck is built from TimberTech Earthwood composite decking and features a complimenting AZEK Premier rail. The new deck also features separate step-down areas from the living room at the French doors. This elevation change in the design allows for a clear view of the backyard via the interior of the home. We also designed a separate grill deck area just off the screened porch to enhance the functionality of the new space.

These Madison homeowners are elated with their new deck, and the new unobstructed view it provides. Since completion of the new deck they have added a tremendous amount of stunning landscaping. These enhancements, paired with the new deck, have altered the feel and look of the entire rear or the home for the better. Our low-maintenance design will ensure these happy customers have plenty of time for enjoying their new space rather than the time-consuming task of constant maintenance.

Madison CT low maintenance deck builder

The new low-maintenance deck allows the homeowners more time for gardening and other outdoor activities.

If you are ready to change the way you feel about your backyard, Archadeck of Central CT can revitalize your outdoor living experience. Our high quality outdoor structures are built with careful attention to every structural and aesthetic detail imaginable. Contact us today for a free consultation (860) 829 – 5588

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