How do you measure the simple pleasure of sitting out on your new screened porch, deck or patio, reading a magazine, drinking a cup of tea? Even though your magazine is interesting, you can’t help glancing up frequently to watch the butterflies bob from shrub to shrub in the sunlight.

Can you put a monetary value on the joy you feel as you spend another evening sitting on the patio with your grandchildren toasting marshmallows over the flames of your new fire pit? The children squeal with delight as you let a marshmallow catch fire and then quickly blow it out and pronounce it perfect. “Who gets to eat this one?” “Me! Me! Me!”

How do you quantify the quiet pride you feel as your new deck fills with party guests, each new arrival exclaiming over the innovative shape of the deck… two levels, built around your 100-year-old oak tree? Your best friend walks over and quietly says, “Wow, this turned out great. I didn’t know they could build decks like this!”

The truth is, some things are just hard to measure: special moments, tender feelings, quiet reflection, warm memories.

When we meet with you we’ll talk about your outdoor living dreams. We’ll listen while you describe the ideal outdoor living environment you’re picturing for your home. How do you see a new deck or porch enhancing your family’s memories of home for years to come?

When the topic is designing your perfect outdoor living space, there are a lot of elements to consider. Will it take a deck, a porch, a patio or a combination of these to achieve the outdoor living space you’re envisioning? Will it be an open porch or a screened porch? Do you need a firepit? Should it be on the deck (yes… we can do that) or should it be on the patio? Not exactly sure? This is where you will reap the benefits of our 18 years of experience and bringing close to 600 families’ visions to fruition. Through a collaboration of your vision and our experience we will work to make your dream a reality.

The care we put into designing and building your outdoor living project shows that we know this is about more than what the project will cost… it’s about that as well as the value you will receive through many years of enjoyment.

Interior of Easton, CT, screened porch.

When we talk about the economics of the project, you will notice that we don’t say “budget” or “estimate.” The economics encompasses all the aspects of the project; providing you an array of choices in materials and colors, revising designs until it is “perfect”, using high-quality materials and master craftsmen, providing warranties backed by the National Guarantee Corporation and understanding this project is an investment financially and emotionally. Adding a new space to your home for relaxation, entertainment and precious family time is about more than the dollars and cents you will spend on it. You can’t put a price on making memories.

Archadeck of Central Connecticut Outdoor Living

If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor living structure to your home in Shelton, Avon, Farmington, Cheshire, Woodbridge or anywhere in Central Connecticut, call us to talk about your vision. We will work with you to design an outdoor living space that you’ll treasure and enjoy for years to come. Call Archadeck of Central CT at (203) 793-7142, or email us at centralct@archadeck.net to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.