Farmington CT Covered Porch BuilderYou’ve heard a certain auto maker emphasize that the difference between their cars and other cars is the love that goes into theirs. We don’t want to poach their slogan, but we do want you to know that we pour our hearts into designing and building outdoor living structures that meet our Central Connecticut clients’ needs and desires. We are not satisfied until the client is satisfied. We love a happy client, and we love that they love the new outdoor environment we’ve designed and built for them.

Sometimes the most important job of an Archadeck design consultant is listening. When we begin talking with you about a design for your outdoor living project, we hear what you say, and we hear what you don’t say. That’s a skill that only develops over years of working to interpret many clients’ descriptions of the ideal backyard addition. No two are exactly alike.

Occasionally a client will be able to tell us all the things they don’t want, but they may not be able to articulate exactly what it is that they do want. We have to be able to create a design rendering out of that conversation. The design may go through several iterations, but from the beginning our clients can tell we are listening to them.

For example, pictured here are a few versions of the design rendering for a new client. We first showed them a deck stairway that was long and straight. When we reviewed it together, we realized that they would prefer to insert a landing or separate seating area partway up the stairs. We returned with just such a design that breaks up the descent and adds visual interest and flair. When they said they wanted a wide doorway opening from the house to the deck, we understood just how important that was to them. The home has no other entrance wide enough for moving large pieces of furniture in and out; their current doorways will not allow entry through traditional front door/back door means.

In talking with each new client, we listen for clues about several aspects of a project including function, aesthetics, lifestyle and budget. We make suggestions based on those clues, and we may offer alternatives to consider, as well. Here are some examples:

AZEK deck and pegola combinationFunction

  • Do you want your deck or porch to function as a place where you and your spouse can relax in comfortable chairs … or where you can enjoy a great meal with a dozen rowdy friends … or both?
  • Do you want a deck that opens out into the back yard in such a way that you feel you are communing with nature? We will recommend the perfect “disappearing” pickets for your deck railing.
  • Does your back yard lack vegetation, exposing your deck to the prying eyes of neighbors? If you voice a concern about that, we are going to show you a design rendering that includes a privacy screen around the deck, or at least around a key portion of it.


  • Rustic, natural, pretty, delicate — and everything in between — we want to know your tastes. We may take a look around your home to see what styles you like.
  • Do you need more room for outdoor furniture, or less? Stone planters dotting the length of your patio, or a solid pillar defining each end of a stately seating wall?
  • How much lighting do you want outdoors? Brightness to enhance safety or to bring the area to life at night, or a few discreet lights lending a soft glow for ambiance and nothing more?

Orange CT deck with FozzieLifestyle

  • In choosing materials for your project, how much maintenance are you willing to put into your deck or patio over the long term?
  • Low-maintenance: we’ll recommend the newer composite decking materials that look more and more like natural wood these days but that don’t need much ongoing maintenance.
  • If you’re set on using only natural materials, we can do that! We will talk with you about the amount of maintenance involved, annually or even more often, to be sure you understand what you’re signing up for. We want you to be happy with your choices for many years.


  • The amount of money you can, or want, to put into your new outdoor living environment will determine the size and scope of the project as well as what materials we use to build it for you.
  • If your budget is limited, we need to know that. We want to get you the most joy possible for the money you choose to spend on the project, and we can work with you to do that.
  • We won’t just listen for budget hints; we will ask outright. This is an aspect where listening and speaking frankly can make a difference toward ensuring your satisfaction with the final results.

We’ve only touched on a few examples of the kinds of information we’re listening for when we meet with you during an initial design consultation and any subsequent follow-ups. Once we start the design process, we will design as many versions as necessary to arrive at the one that makes you happy. After all, it’s your home!

Stair detail with custom fabricated gate Kensington CTDesigning a deck, porch, patio or three-season room can be an emotional process for the homeowner. When you don’t want a certain element —for example, a steep, straight staircase — you really don’t want it. When you do want a certain feature — for example, a paver patio with two distinctly different seating areas — there’s a reason why that’s important to you. It’s the job of the design consultant to hear you, remember what you’ve said, come back with a design that reflects your preferences and — then modify it as your ideas evolve.

You could call it “customer service,” but it goes deeper than that. Customer service is answering the phone with a pleasant voice, returning your call when you leave us a message and making sure our crew tidies up after themselves. Archadeck of Central CT will do those things, and we will do more. We will listen to you, and we will pour our hearts into designing and building the perfect outdoor living structure for you and your family.

If you are ready for someone to listen to your ideas about an outdoor living structure at your home in Avon, Farmington, Cheshire or anywhere else in Central Connecticut, call us to learn how we can create a custom design to make your vision a reality. Call Archadeck of Central CT at (203) 793-7142, or email us at to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.