Woodberry, CT under construction

Woodbury, CT, deck under construction.

What’s the hold-up? You’re ready to break ground, now! You’ve met with Archadeck of Central Connecticut for your initial design consultation, worked with us at the design review meeting and signed the contract for your project… and now you’re ready for the project to begin. Construction, right? Isn’t that what happens next? Boards, nails, sawing, hammering? Not quite yet.

Let us take a moment to explain a few things that you may not be aware of. When we meet for the initial design consultation, that meeting is only the first step of a longer design process. During our initial meeting we’d discussed your project ideas, took notes, drew sketches and worked to get a solid idea of what you want – and what you don’t want. Whether it’s a screened porch, a deck or a three-season room, we want you to be completely satisfied with the results. What that means is that as we collaborate on your project we get increasingly more detailed, more precise. A professional contractor does not begin construction based on conversations and sketches. We sweat the details – details that are the difference between a nice project and a really great one.

Ivorytown CT screened porch design rendering

Ivorytown, CT screened porch design rendering.

Architectural renderings

Your Archadeck design consultant will take the rough drawings that grow out of our first meeting and turn them into a detailed plan and architectural renderings showing every little detail of your planned project.

These renderings allow us to provide many different views of the proposed design. We’ll upload them to “the cloud,” where you will have a link giving you access to view the renderings stored on-line in your project folder. After about a week, we’ll have you visit our office for the “design review” meeting and we’ll then review all the project elements, make any changes that develop during the meeting.


Fiberon Ipe.

Material decisions

Once you are completely satisfied with the final plans and renderings we’ll review and firm up your final material selections of decking, railings & lighting – all of which we have on display.

Since we have a wide range of material samples on display it shouldn’t take long to zero in on exactly which materials appeal to you and will complement your home. Over the last 17+ years we’ve developed over 560 projects and this depth of experience positions us to guide you through the variety of options for your project and help you select just the right styles and colors.

Permitting documents

OK! Now that we’ve developed architectural renderings and selected materials, you’ll need to sign off on the agreed plan with specifications. We’ll also have you sign a Power of Attorney so we can secure the necessary construction permits on your behalf. You’ll receive two copies of these documents. Finally, you will sign and receive copies of the cancellation agreement, which includes a right of rescission. This is a legal document that allows three days for you to change your mind. (In Connecticut, holidays and Sundays do not count as part of those three days.)

Are we ready to start building now? Almost! The next step takes place “behind the scenes.”  Archadeck of Central Connecticut must prepare the documents needed to get a building permit; which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • A plan view of the project. (All departments)
  • An “as exists” picture of the project area of your home (All departments)
  • Several different views of the proposed design (All departments)
  • A framing plan with specifications. (Building Dept.)
  • A foundation plan including locations and loading requirements for all piers. (Building Dept.)
  • A septic plan – if applicable – showing clearance distances from the project to the septic system elements. (Health Dept.)
  • A plot plan showing the house, the property boundaries and the distances from the project to each affected property line. (Zoning Dept.)
  • If the project is within 100 feet of wetlands, we have to prepare a wetlands application.  (Wetlands Dept.)
  • If it is a room or porch we also include an elevation plan as well as wall and roof plans. (Building Dept.)

All of the documents, which we refer to as a “permit package”, are presented to the local building, zoning, health, wetlands or other authorities.

Finally, if it is found that a zoning variance is required, we offer document preparation as required by your local zoning board and will attend the variance meeting with you. There is an  extra charge for this since we do not build this into a projects cost. In a couple of cases we attended zoning variance meetings as the representative of the homeowner where it was not possible for them to attend.

Central CT low grade deck with benches

Our design plans include renderings of how your project will look on your home

It’s a plan, not a suggestion!

Once we have the necessary permits (and zoning variance, if needed), guess what? We provide the same documents included in the permitting package to … yes, the building crew. It’s time to break ground.

While it takes time to get to this point in the process, our clients have always found that it’s worth going through these careful steps. After all, it’s your home we’re working on. We’re taking a place you love and making it even better with a new outdoor living addition that your family will enjoy for years to come. We know you want the job done right; that’s why you chose to work with a professional building contractor like Archadeck of Central Connecticut. As we like to say, “It’s a PLAN, not a suggestion”.  Our crews always follow our plans to the letter and, when there are the inevitable questions, call for guidance for any variation from the PLAN.

If you are ready to add an outdoor living space to your home in Avon, Farmington, Cheshire or anywhere else in Central Connecticut, and if you want to work with a builder who follows a plan, then call us at (203) 793-7142 or email centralct@archadeck.net.

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