Every now and then we line up a Central Connecticut deck project that we are very excited about even before we break ground. Of course, every outdoor living project is exciting, especially in the planning stages. But this combination deck replacement and covered patio addition in Shelton, CT, has the potential to be outrageously successful and satisfying. We share the homeowners’ anticipation and can hardly wait to see the finished project.

These two “Before” photos show the raw potential of this combination project. The homeowners hired Archadeck of Central CT to improve and enlarge their outdoor living space. They wanted us to replace an existing deck, and they wanted a patio installed underneath the new deck.

before in Shelton (2)

The first thing to notice in the photos is that the existing deck extends just partially across the center section of the house. Why stop there? A natural extension of the deck would take it along the whole length of that center section and give the homeowners much more room for entertaining and relaxing. The second thing to notice is that the space under the deck is not being used at all. Adding a patio there will give the homeowners a new way to enjoy the outdoors while staying shaded and dry through sunny and rainy days alike.

upcoming deck additionThe 3-D renderings show our plan for the new extended deck, and it almost looks like two decks. Structurally, it is one deck, but at the homeowners’ request, Archadeck of Central CT designed it to function as two separate outdoor living spaces. The larger deck area features an especially wide space built specifically for the owners’ large dining table. When planning the size of the deck, we customized it to take the dimensions of this table into account. The new deck will allow plenty of room for the table, chairs and traffic flow around them, giving the homeowners and guests adequate room to pull chairs in and out.

The second portion of the deck is octagonal and raised slightly above the main deck to define it as a separate space. Picture a few cozy chairs grouped there for conversation and relaxation. A telescope will feature prominently in this area because the homeowners are stargazers.

upcoming deck 2

For their deck, the owners have chosen Fiberon composite decking for its low-maintenance benefits. The color they selected for the field of the deck is Warm Sienna, and for contrast the picture framing boards will be Burnt Umber. The railing will be Fortress iron, and the project will include Fortress  Accents deck lighting.

Adding a patio under the deck will increase the family’s total outdoor living space. We need to ensure that the under-deck area stays dry; otherwise, what’s the point? We designed the project to include a dry-deck guttering system under the deck to divert rain and moisture from the area.

To create sufficient space for a patio under the deck, we will remove a good bit of dirt. While there is already a retaining wall under the existing deck, we will replace it with a new wall that is set in about five feet deeper. This wall will establish a barrier to keep soil from sliding back into the newly-claimed patio area. The patio surface will feature attractive and durable Belgard pavers.


Finally, the wider and deeper retaining wall will provide support for steps leading up to the deck and will allow a wider path from deck to garage, also at the homeowners’ request.

We have worked closely with these Shelton, CT, homeowners to design the perfect custom deck and covered patio combination for their home. At Archadeck of Central CT, we are just as excited as they are to see the results. Stay tuned! Once the project is completed, we will share the “After” photos in a future article.

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