what-your-favorite-decking-color-says-about-youAs is the case with any remodeling or outdoor living structure addition project, color choices can be an overwhelming task. There is a literal rainbow of colors and color combinations to choose from. When it comes to choosing the color for your new composite deck project you may opt to include a parting board, or even a picture framed border, which means choosing a base color and complimentary colors. Never fear because Archadeck of Central Connecticut can help simplify choosing colors. Not only do we keep track of all the most popular decking colors in your area, we can also help you identify your most suitable palette based on your existing home and your personality. Believe it or not, using color psychology can make the task of color selection fun!

Almost everyone has a favorite color. Even if you don’t think you have one, you’re probably still more naturally keen on some colors more than others. We all have our preferences, whether it is a group of  similar base colors or one isolated hue, your favorite says a lot about you. In addition, the colors we are drawn to play a hand in our personalities and behavioral traits. For instance, if you prefer blue you are probably calm, cool, and able to keep things more even keel than most. One the other end of the spectrum  (no pun intended), if red is your favorite color your personality may be considered bold and  you want to make a lasting impression on people.


Colors are generally separated into two distinct tones, cool tones which include greens, blues and greys; and warm tones which include reds, oranges and browns. Here at Archadeck of Central CT our two most chosen colors for composite decks includes a cool and warm toned. Fiberon Horizons Ipe’ which is often used in combination with Fiberon’s Tudor Brown takes 1st place, and our 2nd place winner is the cool-toned Fiberon ProTect Grey Birch. Our most requested railing color falls into the ying and yang of colors for outdoor living as black iron and white composite rank at the top.


Color psychology indicates that brown color-lovers like things simple and comfortable. Gray says you are practical and calm and simply seek a contented life. Ironically, all of these characteristics embody the attributes we seek in an outdoor living space … comfort, calm and contentment!

Spacious Fiberon Ipe deck Kensington CT

Spacious Fiberon Ipe deck Kensington, CT, built by Archadeck of Central CT.

A good way to help identify the colors you would like to use in your anticipated outdoor living space is to make a list of your three (3) favorite colors. Then list the three most important benefits you wish to achieve from your deck addition, such as “a larger area for outdoor entertaining”, “a space to relax” or even “a spot to read outdoors”. Then consider which of these three colors would best compliment the colors found on your existing home and property. Chances are you will be able to better isolate your color choice to one main color and a complimentary color using this method.

If choosing a color with the capacity to show less dirt is a priority, both browns and grays help deter the eye in case your deck needs a good dusting off. A huge benefit of choosing a composite deck, such as Fiberon, is they require less maintenance than wooden decks. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance and Fiberon has a page devoted entirely to caring for your deck: https://www.fiberondecking.com/blog/2010/top-10-composite-decking-care-and-maintenance-tips.

Archadeck of Central CTFor more ideas about choosing the right color palette for your upcoming decking project visit our composite and vinyl deck photo gallery located on our website. Contact us today to help you begin your outdoor living space endeavor today at (203) 793-7142 or email us at  centralct@archadeck.net.