Farmington CT Covered Porch BuilderYou may remember this Farmington, CT, project from our previous story “These Farmington, CT, Homeowners Get an Outdoor Living Oasis With an Eye on Enjoyment Now, and Later!”, this project was unique in that the completed deck design was built with a future covered porch addition in mind, which Archadeck of Central CT recently completed.

The homeowners have a large, scenic backyard that overlooks the Farmington Valley, initially they not only wanted a deck to help them get the most out of the time they spend outdoors, they also want a covered porch as part of the eventual final design of their outdoor living space. Archadeck of Central CT was able to provide them with both, as part of our phased (or staged) building program.

When we initially met with the homeowners to discuss the vision they had in mind for transforming their backyard their existing deck was overgrown with roots and foliage. We came up with a design that meant extending their original deck space so they may enjoy the deck in all its glory, but the structural groundwork was also set in place to support their upcoming roofed structure to sit on the deck itself.

Outdoor Living Perfection — 3 Years in the Making!


This photo was taken from the same angles showing the before (L), deck addition stage (M) and final design with covered porch (R).

Back when we designed and built the deck in 2013, it was with the future addition in mind and in such a way that adding the covered porch would cause very little impact and minimal material loss.

This video chronicles the evolution of this project from the planning stages until the porch addition end result… the images are both educational and powerful.

The end project encompasses a versatile open porch/pavilion. Columns were used to create the open design and the posts were also wrapped in AZEK PVC for low maintenance outdoor living. We used an innovative gable roof with angled corners to add character to the space and utilized the beautiful Ipe decking underfoot. The existing iron railing  used during the first phase of the deck addition also became part of the final design and with minimal material waste as almost every rail  was accounted for in the finished porch. Archadeck of Central CT had originally extended the landing area of the Ipe deck specifically for the grill, so that the homeowners had ample room for grilling once the final phase was completed.

Beautiul Ipe deck in Farmington Valley CT

The completed covered porch addition utilizes the deck’s beautiful Ipe decking underfoot

Our phased/staged building program is the most proactive way to achieve the outdoor living space you really want as it allows homeowners the freedom to build their ideal backyard in stages making it easier on their budget, and with less of an impact on lifestyle. Phased building consists of engineering, designing and building your outdoor space in phases so that future additions or amendments can be added easily. This is made possible by building with your future circumstances and the structural integrity of your project in mind. In this particular project, we built the deck to easily accommodate the addition of a roofed structure in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about our staged building program, and how Archadeck of Central CT can help make your backyard dreams come true don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can begin designing a master plan for your outdoor space that will make you wonder why you hadn’t called us sooner! Call today for a free design consultation (203) 793-7142 or email us at

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