Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

Over the past few years the trend in designing outdoor living structures, like porches, has featured movement toward bringing the comfort of the indoors, outside. This may seem like a new concept as you flip through the pages of the hottest outdoor living magazine or surf through the home improvement channels, but the concept has been around quite sometime. For example, in 1935, renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater, a residential home that has become a legend known for blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors.

Frank Lloyd Wrights' infamous Fallingwater,

Frank Lloyd Wrights’ famous Fallingwater.

Nearly a century later, Connecticut homeowners still seek a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.  The goal has traditionally been to “bring the outdoors in”, but in recent years homeowners have begun focusing on reversing this and “bringing the indoors out” by carrying the luxuries of the indoors into the natural beauty of our backyards.  A custom backyard retreat serves to extend the outdoor season, adds living space to the home and creates a versatile yet casual space for entertaining. This is what Archadeck is known for.

Here at Archadeck we are seeing clients request these type of outdoor spaces like never before. So it’s no wonder you’re itching to transform your old-school patio or cookie-cutter deck into an impressive and functional space. However the space alone will not create the creature comforts of getting the ideal “bring the indoors outside type of space”. Start by looking at trends that fit your lifestyle and have the potential of making the space irresistible; an area that becomes a destination rather than just a space.

  • Optimal placement

Good planning and placement of the structure will help turn your addition into a successful project. Where should your structure be placed? A good design is one where the structure comes together into the surroundings of your backyard without becoming obtrusive. If you’re lucky and have a fantastic view, you could take advantage of that view and optimize your addition to best enjoy it. Perhaps you want your space to make the most of a shady spot or a sunny southern exposure. Is privacy from neighbors a concern? Are you close to a busy street where noise a problem? If so and if your area is limited, think about the use of landscape materials, partitions or fences to address the problem.

One of our custom screened rooms located in Orange, CT.

One of our custom screened porches located in Orange, CT, where it was placed to take advantage of the pool views below.

  • Making the connection

Will your addition be connected to your home? If so, are you taking into consideration its proximity to the family room? A path through a family room could be an issue if foot traffic will soil your carpets and disrupt anyone watching TV or conversing. As an alternative, placing the structure adjacent to, or with easy access to, your kitchen will make it easy to move food and dishes back and forth when dining in your new outdoor living space.

Somers, CT design rendering for upcoming outdoor living project.

Somers, CT, design rendering of a porch & deck project also having a storage shed integrated below the porch.

  • Understanding scale

How will your space be used? If your home is small and you don’t anticipate entertaining a large number of guests at any one time, you probably won’t need a huge addition. Your plan for an outdoor living addition, such as a porch, needs to strike a balance between your home’s size, size of your household and functional requirements of the space you’re trying to satisfy.

beautiful deck and pergola in Burlington, CT

This beautiful deck and pergola in Burlington, CT, is perfectly proportioned to best accentuate the residence and landscape.

  • Have a seat!

Tops in the comfort category are seating clusters. Thick, comfy cushions and strategically placed outdoor furniture arrangements can spark conversation and help build relationships with family and friends. Designers are big on outdoor furniture that brings people together, stands up to the elements and showcases personal style. Take a look at our low maintenance deck addition in Middletown, CT, that features “built-in” seating…

Composite deck with built-in benches and privacy wall in Middletown CT

Gray composite deck with built-in benches and privacy wall in Middletown, CT.

  • Go with the flow

It is important to have a good notion of how visitors will flow onto, within and back out of your addition in relation to your home and backyard. Think about how family members, guests and pets will be walking from the entrance of the residence to the backyard, from the garage to the kitchen area, from the greenhouse or tool shed to the garden and so on. If you are likely to want a space solely for relaxation, you really don’t want all the visitors coming out of the property to merge into this area. Again, getting this right is a by-product of good design.

Covered Family Room Backyard Porch

This covered backyard porch flows effortlessly into the backyard.

Archadeck of Central Connecticut Outdoor LivingNo matter which style/concept is right for your needs or your budget, Archadeck can design and build the perfect outdoor living space you’re envisioning. Call or email us for a free consultation.

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