Open porch in Southington CT

Open porch in Southington. CT.

Here in Central Connecticut it is great to have a space to provide a view of the changes in season, even if it’s only from your balcony, porch, veranda, patio or deck. With this in mind, what defines the differences in all these various structures? In a previous article titled “Archadeck of Central CT sets the record straight when defining outdoor living structures enabling you to come out the winner when playing the “name gamewe outlined the various terminology used to describe outdoor living structures. Among the most popular are porches. In the same manner many structures are referred to interchangeably there is still much confusion about what a porch actually is. Though many structures share similar features this doesn’t make them synonyms. There are, in fact, clear differences between porches and all of the areas described by these terms.


A porch is defined as a covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a house or building in general. The structure is external to the walls of the building but it may be enclosed in certain types of frames including walls, columns or screens, extending from the main structure.

Central CT porch builder Archadeck

Archadeck Central CT screened porch in Wallingford, CT.

There are many different types of porches, and within this list there are also many types of names given to specific types of porches. For example, the definition of a porch focuses on the idea of the front porch. A front porch is also referred to as a portico, lanai, piazza, stoop, breezeway, veranda and even a gallery if you hail from certain areas of the Midlands or the Southern United States.

The word pavilion comes from the Latin word papilionem meaning “tent” or literally “butterfly.”

The word pavilion comes from the Latin word papilionem meaning “tent” or literally “butterfly.”

Porches encompass so much more than strictly the front porch.  There are covered and open porches which are in essence one and the same. There are detached covered porches that are sometimes referred to as pavilions, and are often built poolside or in an alternate location on your property to bring the homeowner the most benefit. The word pavilion comes from the Latin word papilionem meaning “tent” or literally “butterfly.” In the eighteenth century, pavilions were popular in Europe. Wealthy people would build these small temple-like buildings where they could go to reflect and find calm.

A porch, as defined, can mean a front porch, back porch, covered porch, side porch, open porch, three-season porch or a screened porch. All of these fit the criteria as described in the definition of a porch and thus are referred to in the base classification of a PORCH. Take a look:

  • Front porch in Farmington CT featuring Fiberon decking

    This front porch in Farmington, CT featuring Fiberon decking.

    The Front Porch

The Thesaurus defines a front porch as a porch for the front door and states that a porch is a structure attached to the exterior of a building forming a covered entrance… We know from our years in business that a front porch is much more than that. It served as a starting point and warm welcome for friends and family to gain entry into your home. It can soften and enhance the entire look of your home, and landscape and is often times the “glue” that holds all the charm and presence of your home’s facade together.

  • Covered or Open Porch

An open porch is just that– open, meaning that the sides of the porch are open to allow fresh air to flow into the space. A covered porch is also an open porch, and an open porch is also a covered porch because each includes a roof overhead to protect you from the sun and offer a shady place to enjoy the many benefits of the outdoors.

 Covered Family Room Backyard Porch

Covered Family Room Backyard Porch.

  • Screened and 3-Season Porches

Screened porches are considered by many as “outdoor rooms” because they offer extended protection to the homeowner. Screened porches protect from the sun, insects and the wrath of Mother Nature through the use of screens which are used to cover the openings within a screen porch. Having a screen porch will give you the opportunity to have an “outdoor” room and full enjoyment of the outdoors without the exposure to the harsh elements. Screened porches can be outfitted with a plethora of amenities much like an interior room. Ceiling fans, recessed lighting, and even a place to mount your outdoor TV have become common among homeowners building a screen porch. You can even upgrade your screen porch by adding more luxurious amenities such as an outdoor fireplace and adding sliding window conversions such as an Artistic Enclosures sliding panel system. These panels enable you to turn your screened porch into a 3 -season porch to better utilize the area for more time throughout the year.

screen porch vaulted ceiling Southington CT

Our goal at Archadeck of Central CT is to provide you with an outdoor oasis that is filled with function and aesthetic appeal. We hope the information contained in this post helps you better define the perfect outdoor living structure to fit your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about out dynamic designs today @ (860) 829 – 5588