Act now to begin enjoying all the benefits of your new outdoor living space and get the most value out of your investment.

Act now to begin enjoying all the benefits of your new outdoor living space and get the most value out of your investment.

Even though the end of winter is in sight, it may be hard to conceptualize the arrival of spring, let alone summer.  Ironically, in order to maximize your outdoor living enjoyment for the upcoming season’s warmer weather there is no time like the present to schedule your anticipated outdoor structure addition. While the weather is still cool,  you can get a jump start on the warm weather mayhem, in addition to less wait time, there are many advantages to building now.

  • Permitting—One advantage to building in the cooler months is there is less backlog. During warmer months, project start times can be delayed from three weeks to as much as 60 days depending on the permitting locale.  Connecticut is composed of 169 towns, each with its own set of rules and inspectors making the permitting process quite varied.  Some towns may require a “walk through” which can take a day, while other towns may require “drop off for review” which can add as much as 30 days delay to your start time.  By scheduling your outdoor project NOW during the “off-season” you can greatly reduce the wait time due to permitting.
Open porch in Southington CT

Open porch in Southington. CT.

  • In addition to less permitting wait time, there may be other factors that affect your project schedule timeline. All of these obstacles can be taken care of sooner when less homeowners waiting in line to secure the same approvals prior to building. These include:

Does there need to be Home Owner’s Association (HOA) approval?

How many different trades are involved (i.e., plumbing, electrical, etc)?

Are the materials stocked locally or are they special order materials?

Is a variance needed?

Ipe Brazilian hardwood deck Windsor CT

Ipe Brazilian hardwood deck Windsor CT.

  • Wooden Outdoor Structures—If you are having your structure built from pressure treated pine or other wood, a cooler month timeline is beneficial because wood requires a time period for acclimation and curing. When wood is exposed to air, it will absorb moisture in the air until it is level with the humidity and temperature of the air.  The humidity in the air in warmer months will cause more rapid contraction and expansion of the wood that is not yet sealed from protection of the elements. Choosing to build now during the cooler season with less humidity will give your new wooden deck or other outdoor structure ample time to cure in order to properly accept the sealer or paint you choose, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor living environment.
beautiful deck and pergola in Burlington, CT

Beautiful deck and pergola in Burlington, CT

  • Less damage to your landscaping – Because many turf grasses and plants are dormant in cooler weather, there will be less damage to your landscape from foot traffic and equipment used during the construction phase.
  • Less interruption of your lifestyle – Most people don’t use their backyard during the winter months which means noise and the appearance of an “in progress” project is less likely to interrupt your lifestyle.

Archadeck of Central Connecticut Outdoor LivingClearly, there are many factors that can affect your outdoor project timeline.  Being an early bird and getting a jump on the season will allow you to avoid many of the delays associated with building during the outdoor living season. However, time is running short. Act now so you can you can begin enjoying all the benefits of your new addition and get the most value out of your investment.

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