Woodberry, CT under construction

Woodberry, CT under construction.

Keeping a clean job site throughout the construction process is very important. Construction is messy, there’s just no getting around it. No matter what you’re building or the type of materials used, there is always a residual mess that is
created during and after the process is completed. This is most certainly true for outdoor living space construction projects as well. When speaking with potential clients, it’s one of the biggest questions they have, how much will this process disrupt their lives. Fortunately Archadeck of Central Connecticut understands the true value a clean job site has to not only the client but to us as well. We keep project cleanliness as one of our highest priorities for each and every project we undertake. Part of the reason why Archadeck is North America’s #1 designer and builder of outdoor spaces is because of our project methodology. Our meticulous attention to every single detail creates a uniquely professional and stress-free experience for our clients — this includes cleanliness and organization during the construction of your project.

Maintaining a clean job site is beneficial in three major ways:

Happier clients
Improved efficiency and safety
Attracts more potential clients/likely referrals

ArchadeckThe relationship we have with our clients is the essential hub of our business. Our goal is to cause as little disruption as possible to the landscape, the turf and of course (most importantly) the homeowner’s lifestyle. Let’s consider the effects of how a messy job site at a client’s primary residence makes them feel. The lives of clients go on long after the end of the workday…maintaining a neat and tidy work area keeps their home life from feeling messy and reinforces the fact that they have hired a professional contractor. As a leading outdoor living space builder we’ve found that the secret to maintaining good client relations and making sure each project’s end result is the best
possible outdoor living space in which everyone can be proud is to handle the leftover debris and construction “mess” every day.

Middletown Fiberon Deck wA clean job site is an efficient and safer working environment for all. It’s easier to work in a clean space as compared to a cluttered space and it greatly reduces opportunities for “accidents”. By keeping our project site in good order and clear of debris, there is no interruption to the “flow” of our project and our tasks happen faster while still maintaining our high quality standards. In many instances, where electrical or other subs need to work on the project (aside from
the framing, carpentry, trim contractors) it is much easier to be proficient on a clean, well-organized job site, thus helping the project to be finished in a timely manner for the homeowners to enjoy sooner!

The attractiveness of a clean job site cannot be overstated. Consider the following scenarios: Our current client’s neighbor (our potential new client) drops by to check out the outdoor living structure while it’s under construction with garbage lying around, and lumber scraps strewn about the site, versus, a spotless site with everything in its place. Which site can the homeowner safely show their neighbor with a greater potential of sparking their interest in a possible project for their home? A clean job site translates into a hirable, professional builder in the mind of a prospect. It’s like each of our project sites are going on job interviews for us every day, so we make sure it reflects the workmanship and quality of our company.

Archadeck of Central Connecticut Outdoor LivingArchadeck of Central CT excels in job site cleanliness and specializes in unique, high-quality outdoor living design and construction for homeowners like you. We’re very proud of our brand, the work that we do and the way we conduct business. If your goal is a professionally designed and built custom outdoor living space, then your best
bet is to hire a professional outdoor living space builder that you can be proud of. Call us today at (203) 793-7142 or via email at centralct@archadeck.net.