Central CT porch builderOne of the first things customers ask me is “when can I expect my project to be completed“? A topic that is rarely understood and discussed at length is establishing a realistic timeline for completion of your new structure. There are many factors that go into a construction timeline.

  • Does there need to be HOA (Home Owner’s Association) approval?
  • Is a variance needed?
  • Are the materials stocked locally or are they special order materials?
  • How many different trades are involved (plumbing, electrical, masons, HVAC or only carpentry)?
  • What sort of backlog does the builder have?
  • Weather/Season?
  • Site conditions – is there adequate space to work and store materials?

As you can see there are many factors that can affect the timeline and all should be taken into consideration when determining a final completion date. During your consultation it is imperative that you communicate early if there is a mandatory completion date required for your project. In this way we can create a timeline with decision points that need to be addressed.

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When the homeowner signs a contract, we can generally begin the project once the proper permitting has been procured. During the fall and winter months backlogs are often minimal, thus, lead times are less. In the warmer seasons of the year, project start times may exceed three weeks or even up to 60 days depending on the backlog at the permitting town. Connecticut is comprised of 169 towns, all of which employ their own individual permitting process and their own inspectors. Depending on where you reside, permitting may require a “walk thru” permitting process which takes one day, or in certain municipalities permitting may require a “drop-off for review” application. Drop-off permit applications are granted in the order they are received and could take up to 30 days during the busy season. The turnaround time in drop-off permitting situations could add an additional three weeks to the existing three-week start date making the start date at six weeks. This is just one example of how outside influences and backlogs can alter an anticipated start date for a project.

Archadeck differenceVariables when you are building a project include the weather. Since we have no control over the weather we have to work along with what Mother Nature provides. This could mean having to wait to pour concrete when the weather is conducive because of wet or freezing conditions, or rescheduling our framing crew because of inclement weather conditions for footing installation. Archadeck makes every effort to work your project around the forecast, but in some cases nature has a mind of its own.

Another dynamic that can influence your project timeline is the use of more custom and special order materials for your structure. Items such as spiral staircases, custom railings and other custom features require longer lead times. Archadeck is known for custom outdoor structures and our structures not only include the custom features that set them apart from others, but also the quality and craftsmanship to go along with it. We expect many of our customers to choose special order features, but in doing so a longer wait time will result. Keep in mind a quality construction takes time, and having a well-built structure is worth the wait.


A typical deck construction usually takes two weeks from construction start to end. This two-week phase is added to the three-week start date that can change depending on permitting, weather and special order features. In essence this plays out to a five-week timeline to completion of a standard deck. Other projects such as a covered or screened porch could carry a timeline of 6-7 week until completion. Four season rooms could carry a timeline of 12-14 weeks until completion because of the additional trades involved, and other factors.

The key to happiness of your new outdoor space is to get it right the first time. Our goal is to provide you with the outdoor space of your dreams at the quality you deserve. One benefit to moving forward with your outdoor living space addition during the fall and winter is shorter wait times. The backlog for work is generally shortened moving into the cooler months making it the perfect time to build! This means you will get to enjoy your new structure much sooner than if you make the decision to build in the spring or summer months. Lower humidity and lower temperatures is also easier on our installers.

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