Functional and versatile best describe our recent Fiberon deck addition in Middletown, CT.

Functional and versatile best describe our recent Fiberon deck addition in Middletown, CT.

In the same manner a small morsel of chocolate can deliver as much flavor as enjoying the extravagance of  the whole candy bar, our recent Fiberon deck in Middletown, CT, proves that good things, too, can come in small packages…

Many homeowners thinking of adding an outdoor living space rule out the potential to bring their vision to life when they don’t have a large space to work with. We embrace the versatility of  small spaces and realize they afford the possibility to add as much enjoyment and benefit as large spaces do. The only way a smaller space differs from a large space, a deck for example, is being limited to how many functional zones can be represented within the space you have. For example, someone with a larger-scale deck  will be able to designate more space for multiple functions; this is evident in multi-level, and sprawling deck designs that feature spaces for dining, seating or other functions.

Wonderful compact deck addtion in Middletown CT

Wonderful compact deck addition in Middletown, CT.

  • Yes, less can be more

There are many reasons why American backyards are often more compact than those of yesteryear and many times it is not the lack of space that sets restraints on an outdoor living project design. Lot restrictions and setbacks can create a scenario where an expansive space isn’t possible. Increasing populations mean demands on housing, acreage to facilitate building and lots have resulted in an increase in the cost, and value, associated with land. In some scenarios it is more cost-effective for prospective homeowners to purchase homes with smaller lots. In addition, looking beyond a budget-friendly perspective, a  more compact backyard can also deliver conveniences that better suits today’s busy homeowner. A smaller yard means less maintenance, less mowing and more time  to spend enjoying their down time.



To make the most out of the space you are working with it is always important to decide which function you most want to achieve within the space. Here at Archadeck we make it possible to create a space that is simple, effective and beautiful in spite of limitations. Such is the case with our recent deck addition in Middletown, CT.

We began by extending the square footage of the new deck from the existing 10′ foot deck to 12′.  The  project serves as a good example of how we can transform a relatively small space into a highly functional space. This deck was built using Fiberon low-maintenance decking in Cottage Grey, with our own custom Kensington rail. Vinyl lattice finished the design and adds a charming touch to the design. The new deck also includes a task area for the homeowners’ grill and offers better access to the backyard. The homeowners are in love with their new deck!

Our goal at Archadeck  is to provide you with an outdoor oasis that is filled with function and aesthetic appeal, no matter what size the space you have to work with may be!  Contact us today to learn more about out dynamic deck designs today @ (860) 829 – 5588

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