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Custom low maintenance deck and three season room in Middletown, CT.

Here at Archadeck of Central CT, we love to hear from our previous customers. Our longevity and presence in the Central Connecticut region proves that we are the “go to” company for exquisite outdoor living structures. Whether it is just to chat and say hello, or whether it is to inquire about an upcoming project, we enjoy hearing from those that we have worked with in the past. With this in mind, we recently received a call from a previous customer in Middletown, CT whom we had built a 3-season room and deck addition for some years back. During our conversation the homeowner conveyed to me that they were in the midst of a lifestyle change, and needed Archadeck of Central CT to make some changes to their existing deck to facilitate those changes. Of course, we are happy to oblige, and have an appointment already scheduled to meet with the homeowners to discuss making those changes. During the conversation, the entire project floated back to my memory. The project turned out beautifully, and I wanted to discuss the project and the way it enlivened the beauty and the function of this backyard!

Before and after in Middleton CT

This image shows the previous deck before we began the project, and the picture on top shows the space after we completed the project - amazing!

This outdoor living oasis began to take shape when we met with the homeowners and they conveyed  their desire for more functional outdoor and interior living space. Their wooden deck was showing signs of age and the backyard was in need of a new allocation of  living space to better suit their individual needs. We began by removing the existing deck and building a stunning, versatile 3-season room in its place. The room is  finished with an Artistic Enclosures Cambridge window system that allows the homeowners to utilize the three-season room well up into the winter. We also created a balcony deck off of the 3-season room and went so far as to install a custom clothesline for the homeowners– they don’t even have to leave the deck to add and remove items from the clothesline (nothing smells better than linens dried in the sunshine!)

Middleton CT three season room and Fiberon deck by Archadeck of Central CT

Notice how the deck and three-season room harmonize aesthetically and structurally with the house and backyard.

Part of the project also included a new deck with a better eye on the perimeter of the rear of the home than that of the previous deck. The new design is lower to the ground, more easily accessible from the home and the yard and it is built from low-maintenance Fiberon composite decking. We finished the deck by adding all vinyl trim, which is also low-maintenance, and beautiful custom-built-in bench seating flanked by custom- built planters. Both the benches and the planter are made of the same Fiberon composite promising years of enjoyment and beauty.

It just so happens that the planters were the reason for the call from the homeowners; their current situation has them away from home for extended periods of time and they can no longer care and maintain the planters with their abundant array of plants and flowers. The homeowner asked if Archadeck of Central CT could change the planters into bench seating so they don’t have to worry with caring for the plants, or hiring someone to do it while they are away. The versatility of this design will easily allow us to alter this custom feature for these Middletown homeowners. As is the case with all of our clients, we try our best to honor any changes or alterations to their outdoor spaces as their lifestyle needs change.

If you would like to learn more about adding an outdoor space that you can enjoy for many years to come, contact Archadeck of Central Connecticut. Our timeless designs will ensure your outdoor space becomes a beloved part of your lifestyle and a lasting asset to your home and landscape. Call us today for a free design consultation at  (860) 829 – 5588

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